All whisks must be the same whisks, some think. We don't. 

This is a beautiful story that our friends from Vargen & Thor worked for a long time to bring to light. The result is a balloon whisk with good grip and despite being made entirely of steel, the weight is light so there is less "whisk" fatigue (is there such thing as whisk elbow??) .

This whisk is part of our Frost range of Vargen & Thor products with our iconic hammered pattern and workmanship in shimmering polished steel. Thanks to the hammered pattern, fingerprints are not visible in the same way as if you had a smooth surface made of steel. In addition, it comes in a nice box, if you feel like giving it away as a gift. Yes, we have thought of everything.

* All-steel design * Logo at the bottom * Dishwasher-safe * Total height: 30cm