Our Top 10 Fall Styling Tips

Fall is here! Or as we say in Texas, It's Fall Y'all!

While we have mixed feelings on this time of year and who loves it (Jamie doesn't, Adam does), we know each season is a chance to turn a new leaf (see what we did there?).

Here are 10 tips to help you with your fall styling.

#1. Candy Corn.

We love Candy Corn and we could almost leave the rest of fall alone save for Candy Corn...
Ok, on to the real #1...

#2.  Bring out the Fall Decor

Pumpkins, baskets, dried wheat, pinecones, leaves... Decide what you want to use this season. (I don't know about you, but I often look at last years decor and wonder 'What I was thinking?')

#3.  Quick Update by using Color

Use of color can be the biggest signal of change, outdoors and in. If you're looking to add new decor, an inexpensive way is with a color. While deciding which decorations you are keeping, take a look at what color you love, maybe it's the color you have the most of. Take a look at which color(s) you may want to part ways with. Remove an older shade of color from your decor and replace it with a modern shade. This season we are loving shades of sage, mauve and terra cotta (which could also be used in a palate for holiday decor!). I have a lot of brown & gold and am adding something new this year, mauve!
***Try to stay within the color scheme you choose. This will create a cohesive look throughout your space.***

#4. Blankets, Throws & Pillows

Seriously one of our most favorite parts of fall is getting cozy with a blankie! Roll one up and place it in a basket on its end, drape some over a bench, chair or bed to add texture to a piece that may have been "naked" during the summer (soften up). Grab a chunky knit pillow to add softness, or add a splash of color by choosing from fall colors. One or two in your living room & bedroom can make a simple statement!
(Style Tip...all of your seasonal pillows don't have to have a graphic or design. Simple style is timeless, muted colors go well on chairs and couches.)

#5. Candles or Fall Scents

 Switch out the citrus or spring/summer floral for deeper scents of currant, cardamom, vanilla, spicy cinnamon or pumpkin. Change up your Essential Oils to...Eucalyptus, Thieves, etc... Scents set the mood for other senses to follow. What are your favorite fall scents? (#PSL)

#6. Dishes and Coffee Cups

We love coffee in the morning. (Can we get an AMEN!?) Instead of having all of your mugs out, have a handful of seasonal mugs instead. Rotate them in and out every few months. Same with dishes. Rotate a few summer items to the back of the cabinet (you know that dark space), this could be a few small everyday dishes, a serving bowl or platter, even changing out a pitcher on your counter.

#7.  Linens

 Use a simple, seasonal placemat under a tray on your counter or under the centerpiece on your table. Adam bought me a beautiful Thanksgiving placemat a couple of years ago. Bringing this mat out every year, reminds me of his thoughtfulness & it dresses up my kitchen! Grab a potholder or kitchen towel that makes a fall impression. These are easy and inexpensive! (Plus, THEY ARE FUNCTIONAL!)
{insert pic}

#8. Nostalgic Pieces

 Each change of season brings memories; some of those come in the form of decor pieces. Some items will make you smile and some may make you all kinds of emotional. Remember using these pieces can be healing. Leave space for reflection or grief.

#9. Floral

 It's time for sunflowers with eucalyptus, dried flowers with cotton, & pampas grasses with wheat! Just as you did with a color, update your collection by removing an out of date floral item with a newer piece.

#10. Magazines

This is a perfect time to go grab 2 or 3 new magazines. For less than $10 you can update your coffee table with something current and seasonal (not to mention the recipes they share!). Replace 1 before Thanksgiving and another mid-December. (Thank you @joannagaines and @magnolia -- it used to be @marthastewart for us.)

{Write a wrap up...}