Baron: Peppermint and Eucalyptus

A buzz of peppermint and soothing eucalyptus takes a subtle hold on the room. With an energy representing power and influence, our baron fragrance transcends you into bliss with every encounter.

Chief: Rich spices, sage, deep musk, fresh vetiver

Governed by Yellowstone plateaus and sagebrush basins filled with lavender and Indian grasses. Our Chief fragrance welcomes you back to forgotten western lands with smoldering patchouli and cedar leaf.

Preacher: Ripe blackberry, warm amber, black currant liqueur.

As an incense filled thurible sways; our preacher fragrance is reminiscent of large sweet berries like thickened wine with resin clotting the pine boards of the church floor.

Renegade: Loose tobacco, vanilla, cedar wood, oiled leather.

Boundless and well-rounded. A warm flow of vanilla and tobacco is swept in by a day on the trail. Followed with a couple earned libations from the local barroom.

Trapper: Oak moss, deep amber, cloves.

A strong breath of damp earth and fallen leaves deep in the forest. Our Trapper fragrance is reminiscent of days spent in moss-coated woods.

Madam: Fresh green sepals, full-bodied red roses, warm musk, amber

The sensuality of a dimly lit room infused with the heady scent of roses in full bloom. A breath of musk hints at visitors past. Our Madam fragrance represents indulgence at its finest- and most unrestrained.

16 hour burn time, 4 oz soy wax candle, natural fragrance oils, poured in Big Sky, Montana.
Made in United States of America