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They are here!  The amazing scents that you've come to love from our friends at 1889 Wax Lighting are now available in a Room & Linen Spray.

We met 1889 recently in Round Top and noticed something sitting on a table near their display and were so happy to see their scents are bottled up!!  Get yours today

Available in Baron, Ruel and Majo- 4oz Bottles of Goodness!

Baron: with a buzz of peppermint and soothing eucalyptus that transcends you into bliss with every encounter. 

Majo: Lemon, Geranium, Cassis, Rose, Neroli, Cedarwood.

Ruel: Bergamot, Fig, Chamomile, Patchouli, Cypress, Birch Bark

Hand-poured in Big Sky, Montana, and made with natural fragrance oils.

Also available in 4oz, 10oz and 12oz candles (sold separately)