Decorative plate “Lola”. 100% eco-friendly and handmade.

This beautiful tray with curved lines and rounded shapes is made in neutral colors from the terracotta range.  Non-slip cork bottom.

Available in 3 different terracotta shades- light, medium, or dark.

If you are looking for a piece that shines by itself, minimalist and environmentally friendly, you will love the “Lola” dish.

It is a clean, neutral and elegant piece. Earth colors are inspired by nature and help connect with it. This piece brings sensitivity and simplicity, and combines with many different styles and textures at home.

The piece is made with Jesmonite (organic water-based resin), carefully sanded and sealed by hand.

19.5cm l x 19.5cm w x 3cm h

Due to the nature of its composition, the piece may contain small imperfections or bubbles, it is common in this type of piece and what makes them unique, there will never be two alike. For the same reason, colors may vary slightly from one to the other.

Made in Spain