Professionally designed in collaboration with Lindsay Hill Interiors, these Chloe and Cotton bread boards offer a clean design which brings warmth and style to your kitchen.

Works with any type of home decor, from rustic farmhouse to modern minimalistic, and everything in between. We produce our decorative Chloe and Cotton bread boards with natural acacia wood for its high durability, water resistance and beauty.

In fact, the English Royal Navy valued acacia for its durability and water-resistant properties, using it as a primary building material for certain ships. Since our bread boards are made with natural acacia wood; each board is different and has its own unique beauty - no two bread boards are identical!

The grain varies between straight and wavy patterns, and the color ranges from a light ivory to a dark walnut color. We feel each board’s unique grain and rich contrasting colors makes it ideal for decor purposes and gives it gorgeous blending quality.

23" l x 17.5" w x 2" h