Set your intentions and indulge in your ritual with our fresh and delicious Good Citizen Premium Loose Leaf Tea - Organic Peppermint. Thoughtfully curated for every sip-worthy moment, our loose leaf tea is made to be part of your day from morning to night. Organic Peppermint is a loose leaf herbal tea that is light and refreshing with a minty sweet flavor. This loose leaf tea is caffeine-free.

The Peppermint leaves are sourced from an organic farm in Egypt that is committed to Organic and Fairtrade practices which include building healthy soil, reducing toxic pollution from pesticides, and promoting biodiversity.

Total weight- 1.2oz

Stylish and inviting packaging - reuse the tin once you have brewed all your tea!
Variety of teas to enhance your ritual
Stackable, compact tins for convenient storage
Pair with our glass mugs and ceramic infuser mugs
Perfect loose leaf tea for our large and small tea infusers