Our vendor stumbled upon a vintage wallpaper pattern of hand-drawn flowerettes and knew it would be part of the vintage modern collection. Then they decided to do something a little different and block print the pattern onto the softest most supple open-weave cotton we could find.

Why do you ask?

The more open weave cotton slub fabric offers no resistance - it acts almost as linen does when it's been washed and washed - but without the wrinkles. This creates a gorgeous vintage vibe yet we keep things sweet and oh-so-classic by block printing our flowerettes. And the magic happened.

Introducing Zenni Petite Floral Pillow  22” X22”

Back does not have Block Print, it is natural cotton slub fabric.

• Made of 100% Cotton

• 24X24 Plush-Poly Insert Included

• Hidden Zipper Closure

• Machine Wash

• Made In India