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A long-awaited product from our Vargen & Thor Designer Cookware series. These are the European Measuring set that you need in your life!

7 pieces + 2 rings. A complete set that also includes the desired Cup dimensions. Made entirely of seamless seamless stainless steel for long durability.

***These European sets are Metric, please see the conversions below***. Perfect for all of your cooking and baking needs.

Includes the following dimensions:

240ml= 1 CUP
120ml= 1/2 CUP
100 ml= (just over ⅓ CUP)
20 ml= Coffee Size
15 ml= 1 tablespoon
5 ml= 1 teaspoon
1 ml= ¼ teaspoon
2 rings for pairing

Each measure has volume information engraved in each unit.

Heavy weight and unique design. All-steel, handles in our iconic hammered Frost pattern on both front and back.

Brass/Gold . **Also available in 2 other colors**

Delivered in stylish box, perfect to give away to a friend.. or to yourself.  (**Cups and Spoon sets also sold separately.  Sold loose without packaging.**)