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Our Story

Family Style Design Co. knows a family isn't just those with the same DNA, it's the people in your community, the friends who do anything for you, the neighbor who shows up to just say hi, the coworker who lifts your spirits and helps you carry on. 

That's family. 

Family Style Design Co. would be so honored to be a part of yours - to help style & furnish the place you call home into one you love for those you love."

Family Style Design Co. was conceived in January 2019 as an instagram account.  We dreamed of creating "Family Style" meals to bring families and community together around a table while sharing a meal.  As life can, this family had a series of events that caused us to wait as we navigated the twists and turns.

In the fall of 2020, amidst the pandemic, we made a career change and began dreaming of a new challenge.  Our creative sides were yearning to be released and Family Style was reimagined into a home goods and furniture store.  Our desire is to help all types of people and communities create a safe and comfortable space, a design type we lovingly named, Family Style.

Family Style Design Co. offers its collection of goods at their store they affectionately call, "The Shop", on the corner of Jackson Street & 7th in Old Richmond. The family is often seen together there, where they love to interact with old and new friends.  We also offer in person and online design consulting.  Let us help you create the space you love for those you love.  

For Design Services, contact us via email at:

Family Style dinners is still alive and well, though.  We will offer dinners and events on a bi-monthly basis.  If you're interested in joining us for one, please email us at: