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Transport yourself to the vibrant street fairs of Jalisco, Mexico, with our traditional small clay cups - Cantaritos de Barro!

Steeped in history and bursting with character, these humble cups have been cherished for generations. Crafted from high-quality clay, they are specially designed to keep cocktails refreshingly cold, ensuring a delightful drinking experience. Embrace the nostalgia of handmade craftsmanship, and create lasting memories with every sip. Add a touch of Mexican tradition to your gatherings.

Please note: the clay cantaritos cups are traditionally meant to be refilled during the night at street fairs, but are usually treated as disposable. We have finished our cups with a special glaze to reinforce them. With proper care the cups could for some time, but are easily breakable and not dishwasher-safe. 

Each one is handmade on a manual turntable and size may vary. Approx. capacity is 16 oz.