With a dream from Sweden´s west coast. Finally we can show you Vargen & Thor's well-built, stainless steel skillet which is great with PFOA-free Froststick coating.

Copper is a material that oxidizes naturally. That is why it's common that stains may appear. Use a copper buffer if you want the original look to come back. Dishwasher-safe on low temperatures, this skillet can also be used in oven up to 500 degrees. Do not pour cold water on it when it's still hot. This skillet is built with several layers of steel which makes it hot fast. Just remember to successively heat the pan to find the perfect temperature.

We recommend wood or plastic utensils because metal may make scratch the coating over time.

Works on inductions, electric, gas, and electric and gas ovens.

28 cm diameter
5 cm high
Stainless Steal-Heat-protection handle
2.5 mm aluminium
PFOA-free froststick coating
Lid in 304 stainless steel
Handle in 201 stainless steel
Real Copper