Stoneware Tray

Our stoneware tray is the perfect addition to any kitchen and home. Use them to corral soap dispensers and scrub brushes at the kitchen sink, or as a vanity tray in the bathroom. They are also perfect for pairing our signature candles with our stylish safety matches. These modern trinket dishes can be used as a jewelry dish, key holder, and even as an appetizer plate! The uses are endless for our modern rectangle dish.

• Size: 8 x 4 x .75"
• Material: Stoneware
• Available Colors: Cream Tray with Light Rustic Speckles or Black (sold separately)
• Use: Food or Household Items
• Perfect To Use to Hold Soap Bottles (Fits 2 Side by Side in Glass or Plastic), Jewelry, Keys, Appetizers, and More!


• Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
• May Get Hot in Microwave - Use Caution
Made in United States